PC Gamer [2024-02-21]
Bohemia Interactive reveals plans for DayZ in 2024, building toward 'a colossal milestone and an exhilarating moment you won't want to miss'

Bohemia Interactive released its first stable update of the year for its long-running zombie survival game DayZ yesterday. Update 1.24 brings several new features to the game, including a new weapon, the Vikhr rifle, more camouflage skins for the ballistic helmet, and an array of new sounds and animations to further liven up the game's fictional country of Chernarus... Read more.
Community Announcements [2024-02-20]
DayZ | 1.24 Stable Update - Out Now & DayZ in 2024

Hello, Survivors! We’re releasing update 1.24 today - our first stable update of 2024! Similar to other updates we’ve released early in the year, this one features a thorough tidying up. Basically, we went through a bunch of pending tasks for quality-of-life improvements and addressed an array of outstanding issues. While it may be rather humble in nature, update 1.24 will serve as a solid foundation to build upon and lead us to our major update which will be featured in the autumn. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/4458811/e3d8c824cbe30c592eb4d6de067ff1f19cff51f5.jpg Those who were involved in the update’s experimental phase will already be familiar with our brand new Vikhr rifle, which features a new 30 round 9x39mm magazine that’s compatible with all 9x39mm rifles. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/4458811/f0c78cc1d24cbb0bdea9b98fd14e4d5234b1c0ce.jpg In addition to the new rifle and magazine, update 1.24 also offers new camouflage variants of the ballistic helmet. These will help enrich the variety of your playe...
Community Announcements [2024-02-14]
DayZ Indie Sale

Greetings, Survivors, As spring departs, we too herald the arrival of our thrilling Stream Indie Sale! Unveil the dawn of rejuvenation with DayZ, which is poised to bestow upon you a generous discount on both the quintessential game and its enthralling DLC, Livonia. Capitalize on this extraordinary opportunity to immerse yourself within the pulse-quickening realm that DayZ offers! Embark upon an unparalleled journey of survival and suspense! DayZ, the premier sandbox of survival experiences, ignites a fervor with a promotional offer that will stir your sense of adventure. Prepare to navigate the harrowing landscapes of a post-apocalyptic reality where every choice can tip the scales between life and death. Strategize against the relentless forces of nature, lace up your boots for the trek ahead, and above all, persevere to remain among the living. The perfect juncture has arrived to procure DayZ for yourself at an invigorating 40% discount, and join the ranks of the intrepid. Rise to t...
Community Announcements [2024-01-16]
Experimental update 1.24. - New Rifle - New Cosmetics and more

Greetings, Survivors! We’re excited to announce that Experimental game update 1.24 is now available on experimental branches on Steam! As with most updates early in the year, this one includes a clean sweep. Basically, we went through our backlog and tackled a variety of lingering issues. Let’s go through some of the major ones, so you know what to focus on while you’re enjoying the experimental branch. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/4458811/396266ab3cf4069279ed8935c27923a73e6c996e.jpg It’s pretty much tradition at this point that our awesome community breaks DayZ’s record for highest player count every new year! It was definitely a confidence boost this time around, as we face a number of challenges in this year’s plan—by far the most ambitious we’ve had since the engine switch in 2018. But it’s far too soon to talk about such things here. Instead, this post is dedicated to the year’s first experimental release: game update 1.24! As with most updates early in the year, this one includes a clean s...
Community Announcements [2023-12-21]
DayZ Winter Sale

Hello Survivors, As the frost sets in, so do the frosty discounts! Embrace the chill with the Stream Winter Sale, where DayZ is offering an icy discount on the base game and its chilling DLC Livonia. Seize this frosty deal to plunge into this action-packed world of DayZ! Embark on a freezing adventure like never before! DayZ, the ultimate open-world survival game, is creating a blizzard of excitement this season with a deal that will leave you shivering with anticipation. It's time to venture into the post-apocalyptic wonderland of DayZ, where survival is paramount, and every frosty breath could be your last! Outwit the cold, grab your winter gloves, and above all, survive! Now is the perfect moment to snatch DayZ at a cool 50% off and Livonia at a frosty 30% off! https://store.steampowered.com/app/221100/DayZ/ DayZ base game - 50% off The post-soviet country of Chernarus is struck by an unknown virus, turning the majority population into frenzied infected. Fighting over resources has ...
PCGamesN [2023-12-15]
DayZ dev trolls The Day Before with big new survival game Steam sale

The Day Before is gone from Steam and players of the once promising-looking Fntastic zombie shooter are getting full refunds. It's been a rollercoaster drama, from breathtaking YouTube trailers to growing uncertainty and, finally, the launch - and rapid death - of The Day Before itself. Now, two other survival sims are poking fun at the would-be MMO, with a new Steam sale designed for anyone let down by The Day Before's eventual release. DayZ and Icarus have teamed up for a smartly monikered pair of discounts that will give you something to play in lieu of Fntastic's infamous apocalypse game. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: DayZ pokes fun at disastrous would-be rival The Day Before DayZ is suddenly more popular than ever, with a big new Steam record The best zombie games on PC 2023
Community Announcements [2023-12-14]
DayZ 10th Year Anniversary & Christmas Event

Hey Survivors, The holidays are here and the spirit of Christmas has descended upon Chernarus and Livonia. We’re mixing it up this time with yet another celebration: DayZ’s 10th anniversary. Christmas events will run from December 14 to January 9. Let’s jump right into what you can expect. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/4458811/1f3ee9e71d75c6dc9b7d4f61cd9bbe346ea55c4f.jpg The classic and much-beloved singing Christmas trees are making a comeback this year. They can be found in the center of town in both Chernarus and Livonia. Gift boxes will spawn around the trees and serve as hotspots with high engagement rates. The boxes will offer loot from various tiers and double as reusable wrapping paper, so you can embrace the spirit of giving by sharing the joy with fellow survivors. Infected Santa and his sleigh will be crashing into forests and rooftops. Please note that they won't be replacing normal dynamic helicopter crashes, though they will spawn loot in gift boxes that’re just as good. Keep an eye...
PC Gamer [2023-12-12]
DayZ and Icarus team up with a cheeky 'The Day After' survival Steam sale bundle

We weren't terribly surprised to see early access zombie survival game The Day Before crash and burn, but the speed with which it fell apart—a mere four days between the game's disastrous launch and developer Fntastic closing—was a bit of a shock... Read more.
Community Announcements [2023-12-12]
DayZ & ICARUS - The Day After Survival Sale

Hello, Survivors! As the cold winds howl and winter blankets the post-apocalyptic landscapes, the chilling savings emerge with The Day After Survival Sale! DayZ & Icarus, are braving the winter storms and offering a frosty discount on both games. Gear up, tighten your laces, and seize this icy deal to plunge into the heart-pounding realm of real open worlds! We're thrilled to announce a monumental partnership for all you survival and action enthusiasts out there. For a limited time, immerse yourself in two of the most adrenaline-pumping titles on Steam at incredible discounts! Icarus: ICARUS is a PvE survival game for up to eight players. Explore a savage wilderness in the aftermath of terraforming gone wrong. Survive the Open World, complete timed Missions or build your Outpost. Explore, build, craft and hunt while seeking your fortune and prospecting for exotic matter! DayZ: There are no map markers, daily quests, or scoreboards to help you create your story. There is only Chernarus ...
PCGamesN [2023-12-11]
DayZ pokes fun at disastrous would-be rival The Day Before

DayZ developer and publisher Bohemia Interactive is getting ready to celebrate its zombie shooter's upcoming anniversary, marking a solid ten years since the game's initial release back in 2013. The multiplayer FPS' birthday comes directly in the wake of Fntastic's downfall following its recent rocky launch of The Day Before. This timing has prompted what seems to be a joke post from the DayZ developer poking fun at Fntastic's shutdown. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: DayZ is suddenly more popular than ever, with a big new Steam record The best zombie games on PC 2023 The best DayZ servers 2023